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Helm Order Monitor

Helm Order Monitor is the first technological solution to the problem of insufficient monitoring of helm orders between helmsmen and marine pilots or navigators onboard ships.

Did you know that the disaster of Costa Concordia happened due to the helmsman applying the helm on the wrong side shortly before the impact?

We are fixing this problem with an electronic device that combines automatic speech recognition and data from the ship’s sensors. This artificial intelligence allows us to continuously monitor whether issued helm orders are clear, confirmed, and correctly executed.

Apart from shipboard use, our product is utilized in Nautical simulators to train proper use and execution of helm orders.

Helm Order Monitor is like a Lane Departure Warning to use an analogy with road transportation.

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Meet the startup making the world’s seas safer from Split, Croatia!

Helm Order Monitor is the first of its kind technological solution to the problem of insufficient monitoring of helm orders between helmsman and pilot or navigator onboard ships. We are fixing this problem with an electronic device that combines automatic speech recognition and data from the ship’s sensors.

Croatian start-up makes maritime sector safer with their Helm Order Monitor

ELNAV aims to make navigation at sea safer. I spent thirty years in the merchant marine. During that time, I noticed that there was still a lot to be gained when it came to safety at sea. That is why I founded Elnav, which is part of the ICT Županija ecosystem. Through Elnav, I developed the Helm Order Monitor. This is a system that prevents many of the human errors that occur in the manual steering of ships, thereby increasing safety levels during navigation.

Greater safety through better communication at sea – Automatic voice monitoring for the ship’s bridge

Many accidents at sea are due to errors in communication between seafarers. An automatic voice monitoring system for the ship’s bridge will ensure greater safety. With the speech recognition system and support from Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg, Germany, ELNAV, a start-up company based in Split, Croatia, is developing what it calls a »Helm Order Monitor«.

Digital Dalmatia: Helm Order Monitor

Brodovi većinom plove s uključenim automatskim pilotom, međutim za ulazak  u luke i prolazak kroz uske kanale brod mora ići na ručno kormilarenje. Tada kormilom upravlja kormilar kojem pilot ili navigator izdaju naredbe za kormilarenje prema za to propisanim pravilima.

Helm Order Monitor (podn. prijava patenta) ili u prijevodu Monitor naredbi za kormilarenje je elektronički uređaj predviđen za upotrebu na zapovjedničkim mostovima brodova koji koristi funkciju prepoznavanja govora te prema za to predviđenim pravilima i primljenim podacima s brodskih senzora kontrolira jesu li izdane naredbe za kormilarenje razumljive, potvrđene i pravilno izvršene.

Helm Order Monitor je prvo tehnološko rješenje problema nedovoljnog nadzora naredbi za kormilarenje između kormilara i pilota ili navigatora. Trenutno ne postoji sustav koji se bavi tom problematikom, stoga će to biti nova tehnologija koja pridonosi povećanju sigurnosti pomorskog prometa.

Ako bi tražili analogiju s cestovnim prometom, Helm Order Monitor je sličan nadzoru izlaska vozila iz vozne trake (LDWS).

Human error accounts for 75% of marine liability losses

While huge strides continue to be made in improving marine safety, human error remains, by far, the most important factor in marine liability claims and losses, according to Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) in its Global Claims Review: Liability in Focus.


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